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Lashes by Allie

Whether you are a first timer or you are looking for a new lash tech, with my 10 years experience you’ve come to the right place.....

I was originally an accountant before my daughter was born, I was often in beauty salons trying out new innovative treatments. After receiving a bad set of eyelash extensions, which left me with no lashes, I decided to look into providing this treatment to lash lovers, but with a difference. Using techniques which was healthier for the natural lash and avoiding premature lash loss. I pride myself in using only the best materials and the best techniques to ensure your lashes remain healthy. 

Lashes by Allie provides the best in classic, hybrid and russian volume semi permanent eyelash extensions in the Bexleyheath area. I offer a safe, friendly, relaxed environment. 

Lashes by Allie is fully insured with the Association of Beauty Therapists.

Open Monday - Saturday with flexible appointment times to suit all.

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All lash sets are bespoke to your natural lashes, your eye shape and the look you are wanting to achieve.

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Classic Full Set £57.00

Allow up to 2 hours
Approx 150 lashes per eye

This set uses faux mink extensions to give your lashes both volume and length. If you have bless with lots of natural lashes we recommend this treatment. In most cases every lash will be extended. It is our most popular treatment


Hybrid Full Set £62.00

For those dipping their toes in for a bit more volume....

For those clients wanting a little more than a mascara look but not wanted their lash line too dark, the hybrid set is a good option. All fans are handmade at Lashes by Allie.


Russian Volume Full Set £67.00

The Rolls Royce of Lashes

These lashes are for those who require a more fluffy, fuller, strip lash look. A handmade fan of up to 6 lashes will be placed on each individual lash. The upmost care and attention is paid to the safety of your natural lashes. Your lashes will not be overloaded or damaged when you come to Lashes by Allie.



Keeping your lashes looking fresh and full

Your extensions are cleaned, any loose lashes removed and we will make your lashes look as luscious as the first time you had them done. It is important that enough time is booked for your infill. Please remember the more you come back with, the fuller they will be after your infill. 1 or 2 hour time slots are available (£35/£55).


A 20% discount is offered to those clients who come 2 weekly and any infill appointments 5 weeks or over will be charged as a full set.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my lashes look like?

I have many lengths and curls of lash here in stock at Lashes by Allie. I use synthetic silk or mink. I do not condone the use of real mink fur.


Before the treatment begins we will discuss the look you are wanting to achieve from the lash extensions. As this procedure involves sticking synthetic lashes to your existing lashes, your own lashes do play a part in determining what look you can go for and what the finished result will be.


Here at Lashes by Allie I will only apply a length and a thickness that is healthy for your own lashes. 

What are semi permanent lash extensions?

There are 3 different types and techniques of semi permanent lash extension now. Classics, Russian volume and Hybrids. Classics involve gluing one synthetic Silk/Mink lash to one of your natural lashes a hundred plus times over. Russian Volume is an advanced form of lashing and is the art of multiple pick up of up to six super fine synthetic lashes and placing them in a man made fan on to one natural lash ( not to be confused with pre made volume)


These are not express or party cluster lashes that will only last a short amount of time and may cause damage to your natural lashes. If the lashes being provided to you are not lash to lash they are not semi permanent lash extensions.

How long will they last? How often do I need to come back?

Is the treatment comfortable?

Everyone loses on average up to 5 lashes per day. At any set time each lash along your lashline is at a different point in its life cycle. 


When you shed your lash extensions you will see it attached to your natural lash, this is normal.


After 2 or 3 weeks you will notice that your lashes don't look as full as they were when first done. This is the time to come in for an infill. Most clients come 3/4 weekly.


Some clients decide after a few days or a week they want a fuller look so come back earlier for a top up. If you chose to come in up to 2 weeks since your last appointment you will only pay £28.00 (a 20% reduction)

We have an extremely comfortable, 4 motored, leather beauty couch here for you to relax on whilst I perform the treatment. Having Eyelash Extensions applied is one of the most relaxing treatments you can have, many clients fall asleep.


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Allie works with precision & care in a spa like atmosphere to create the perfect appearance for women with an eye for professional perfection.

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